All textbooks are the property of Textbook Rentals, Inc. and must be returned to Textbook Rentals, Inc. at the end of each semester. All books are rented for one semester at a time. I understand that if my books are more than 7 days late the original credit card provided will be charged for the full price of the books.  I will not exceed the limit or cancel the credit card given at the time of the rental until all the rented materials are either returned to the bookstore or the fees indicated are paid in full.  A refund can/will be issued minus late fees if books are returned before the start of the next semester.  If the books are not returned and the next semester starts, there will be no refund issued.  If the credit card is unable to be charged, this account will be turned over to a collection agency or an attorney for collection, and I agree to pay for all cost of collection, included but not limited to attorneys fees, interest, and all court costs. I also understand that if books are not returned immediately upon noncompliance of agree payments and deadlines I will be penalized and agree to pay $5.00 per day, per book until all books are returned. Intentional failure by the renter to return rented property by the deadline of Rental period may be in violation of LRS 14:220:1 which is punishable by fine of not more than $500.00 or imprisoned for not more than 6 months or both.


Our terms and conditions will be modified on occasions. Please note that these changes take effect immediately as they are made to our website and you agree to follow any changes made.

We agree not to sell any information to any third parties. The information collected during your checkout procedure is strictly used to retrieve our textbooks in the event our books are not returned back to us. Your phone numbers will only be used for reminder calls from us or through a calling post. They will not be distributed to anyone outside our company. Your email address will be used for reminder purposes and occasional incentive programs, but will also remain in our possession as well.


Our website is intended to give our customers a quicker way to rent their textbooks online. We have the right to discontinue a students option of renting from us online as we deem necessary at any time.


At this point and time we are unable to ship outside the United States. Therefore, all shipping addresses must be within the United States.


It is imperative that only one account is created by a student. In the event more than one account is created it will be at our sole discretion if we can continue to service you through our website. It is your responsibility to keep your account updated. We do not store passwords so it is solely your responsibility to keep track of your password. You agree to contact us if you feel your account has been used without your approval.


Your shipping charges are calculated at the time of checkout and vary with the textbook you order. All orders that are mailed will go out the following business day of when your orders are placed. We are not responsible for shipping delays. We will make every effort to get your books out immediately, however we are not responsible for the time it takes your books to get to you.


Textbook Rentals will charge an additional amount to your credit card or bill you for the following but not limited to : any lost, stolen, extension, or non returned textbooks associated with your account. Fees also include any late fees that might accumulate on your account as well. You agree by renting from us that your credit card information is stored with us and all information as well.


You agree that we may send any updates, inquiries, incentives, reminders to the email address provided by you on your account. We will not ask you for any passwords, or personal information through an email.


You may contact us through our email address at flipthatbook@aol.com to cancel your account. Your account will be closed as long as there are not any outstanding books to be returned or fees that are still open on your account. We will respond to account closures within a week of your initial email except during the first week of school.  During the first week of school, it will take us as much as 2 weeks to complete this transaction.


In order to use our service online you must have a current, authorized credit card on file. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover as online payments. We are not responsible for how long the processing time takes. That matter would need to be taken up with your credit card company. You agree not to hold us responsible in the event TRI does not credit or debit your credit card for a period of time due to circumstances beyond our control.


You are responsible to keep your account information private. In the event your account is used other than by you, without your permission, you may contact us through email at flipthatbook@aol.com. However, we are not responsible for any amount that was charged to your account. Make sure when you are using a public computer that you log off of your account to insure your account privacy.


Confirmation of receipt at time of checkout does not guarantee our receipt of your order. TRI reserves the right once order is received to accept or decline for any reason or to supply less than the quantity specified. Cancellations will occur within 48 hours and you will be notified by email.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Be sure to provide correct information when checking out. Delays may occur if it is not properly entered.


Some of our books may be out of stock. There will be occasions where you prepay for a book and we can not get your book here within 3 to 5 business days during the first week of classes or within 7-10 business days thereafter. We will try our very best to notify you immediately through email about the shortage. TRI is not responsible when these occasions do arise.

We will try our best to insure that your books are sent out in one box, however on occasions you might be receiving two boxes.

On occasion, we will make a mistake or two inputting our prices. We reserve the right when this happens to adjust these prices accordingly. In the event it is overcharged, we will charge your account the difference in mistake or apply a credit to your account if it was overcharged. We do not warrant that the website will be error free. We do not warrant the service or the server, network or other software and equipment that make it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. We do not make any representations or warranties regarding the content of the books or the results of the use of the website or service in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise.

Once books have left our hands , it is your responsibility for any damage or loss to our textbooks. You will be charged replacement cost and/or late fees for any books that can not be rented again. Highlighting and writing in books are allowed, however excessive highlighting and writing are not. It will be at our discretion to deem if it is excessive or deliberate wear and tear on a book. In the event we deem it to be excessive replacement cost will be charged on your credit card as though you bought the book and the book can be picked up at our physical store. If we ever ship you a damaged book, it is your responsibility within the first week of school to notify us and we will do our best to replace such a book if we have it in stock.


You are allowed a 3 hour cancellation period for any reason at all from the time of your order.  Please email us at tri@flipthatbook.com to do so.  All other refunds are only given for dropped classes or wrong books issued per the syllabus the first 5 days of classes during regular semesters and the first 3 days for summer and intercessions instore.  Please be advised that there are NO refunds for backordered books ordered especially for you.

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Login Issues?

If you are unable to login or retrieve your password please feel free to call the store at 337-236-3070 during store hours or email us at tri@flipthatbook.com and we can help you immediately.



 Refunds are only given for dropped classes with proof or wrong books issued for the first three days of summer school and the first five days of spring/fall semesters.  Refund will NOT be given for books on backorder so please BE CERTAIN when these books are ordered that you do in fact need them.




For inventory purposes: If it shows "In stock" next to the price the book is here within our store. If it shows only a price a box will appear when you choose this and will explain our "Out of Stock" process.  Please be very careful when choosing these books.  Please email us if you have any questions.


We now have a waiting list if you prefer not to prepay for a book.  When you see a book that is "Available to Order" click the box as if you are purchasing it and ask your cashier once you are about to pay to be put on the waiting list for that particular book.  This can only be done in the store!! Once the book becomes available you will receive an email stating that there is inventory in our store.