Please refer to calendar for the school you attend.

  • Our books are always due back the last day of finals. From experience we find that most students take their last final and they are off...We ask that you please don't forget about us after taking that last final. In the event the books are not returned the last day of finals TRI will take the following steps to retrieve the textbooks:

You will have a three day grace period if you choose to mail your books back to us.

After your three day grace period we will begin applying a $5.00 late fee per day.

On the 9th day your account will be charged the difference between renting and purchasing those particular books and those books will be yours to keep. However, after the 9th day if you wish to return your books in store, a refund can be issued minus the late fees that have followed after your three day grace period.  If books are not returned by the first day of the following semester, there will be no refund to the account.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information.

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Login Issues?

If you are unable to login or retrieve your password please feel free to call the store at 337-236-3070 during store hours or email us at and we can help you immediately.



 Refunds are only given for dropped classes with proof or wrong books issued for the first three days of summer school and the first five days of spring/fall semesters.  Refund will NOT be given for books on backorder so please BE CERTAIN when these books are ordered that you do in fact need them.




For inventory purposes: If it shows "In stock" next to the price the book is here within our store. If it shows only a price a box will appear when you choose this and will explain our "Out of Stock" process.  Please be very careful when choosing these books.  Please email us if you have any questions.


We now have a waiting list if you prefer not to prepay for a book.  When you see a book that is "Available to Order" click the box as if you are purchasing it and ask your cashier once you are about to pay to be put on the waiting list for that particular book.  This can only be done in the store!! Once the book becomes available you will receive an email stating that there is inventory in our store.