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Yes, it's easy. You will be guided the whole way through. Choose your school, semester, class, section number and a beautiful book will appear.

Click on Login and under where you would put name and password there is link to reset.

Do you have any unpaid late fees or have not return a book from a previous semester. Your account could be flagged which means you can not use it again until the issues are resolved. Please call your store or email.

YES.  We are strictly using our new computer system for all orders placed.  Go online and create an account.  Come in store to add books to your account. (There will be computers set up for students use.) After adding books IN STORE, there will be option to choose cash, check, pca, school card, deferred check, or credit card.  You can use credit card in store, however, you can place a credit card order from anywhere then use our curb side service and never have to get out of your car.

Your order will take about 3 working hours to process.  So, if you place your order at 11 am, your order will be ready at 2 pm that afternoon.  If you place your order at 1 am, your order will be ready 3 hours after we open the store.  Please check our store hours.

All you need is a credit card, your schedule, syllabus (if handy), and your drivers license.

Yes, you can. Not allowing a student to highlight or write in the book would be like tying a student's hand behind their back. Lol...highlighting and notes in the margin could be an asset to another student, however in excess could be annoying.

Books are always due back the last day of finals.

Yes, it does. Books change so often and you lose money when you buy.

Please login to your account to see your school store's policy.

You can swim with your book, however I highly do not suggest you try this. In the event you decide to do so, we will have to charge you replacement cost which is equivalent to purchasing your text.

Yes.  If you chose the shipping option the total for shipping will be calculated.

You can contact us at any point to put the book back on the shelf.  If another student rents/buys the book, we can give you a full refund.  However, if you do not contact us to put back on the shelf or the book does not go out, there will be NO refund.  We ordered and held the book especially for you for the semester.

Our managers are on call after a certain time during the semester but you can leave the manager a phone or email message... 337-236-3070/ for Lafayette and 601-355-5350/ for Jackson.  They will set up a time to meet you at the store for you to pick up the book.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUND AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER IF YOU FAIL TO OBTAIN THE BOOK.

Until the last day of finals.  Rented books go back on the shelf and purchased books will be destroyed.

You can email us and our customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours.  Please see our contact information for your store's information.

Late fees apply when books are not returned at the end of the semester.

There are penalties and late fees charged on your account if not returned by due dates.  There is a four day grace period after finals.  You can find out more information by going to our homepage and clicking on our store hours.  The calendar will tell you when last day to return is.

If we are out of stock on a book we will order the book for you as long as you prepay for that book. We also have students obtaining a refund for drop/add the first week and we are buying back at this time, so some books may be available the next day.

Yes, all we need is a check or credit card depending on the location.  Go online and create an account.  Come in store and add books to your account.  When checking out in store, you will have to choose method of payment. Books will be pulled and we will check you out then.

We give away all old edition books once they are not used for a semester, so if you truly fall in love with a book and wish to keep it, we will give you the old edition once not used for a full semester.

Yes, we accept credit cards in our store.

Yes, we do sell some of our books. Typically, it is books that have to be written in a lot or pages torn out (i.e.,workbooks). However we try our best to rent as many books as possible.

Your tax at this present moment is 8% for the Thibodaux and Lafayette location and no tax for the Jackson location.

Please login to see your school store's policy on refunds.  We do offer any student at any time to drop your book off and we will gladly put it back on our shelf for another student to rent it out. In the event that happens, we then call you in to receive your full refund. Yes, you can do this for prepaid books, too.

Yes, you can. You just pay the difference in the book prices, either you owing us or we owe you.

Yes, we are.

If your mom or anyone else happens to steal your book, it comes back to whomever rented the textbook is responsible for returning your textbooks.

Curb side pickup is exactly what it sounds like.  If you ordered online you only have to pull up in our designated parking, hand us your receipt and you can wait in your car while we go get your books and bring them to you.  Check our "store hours" on the homepage for the designated times that we will be offering this service.

We guarantee to beat anyone's prices locally that rents textbooks.  All we need is proof indicating the prices. 

There are some books that we do not carry however if you prepay for the book we can usually get that book in our store within 3-5 business days during the first week of classes and 5-10 business days thereafter.

We guarantee the right book for the right class. If you happen to get the wrong book we just need proof of the book you need and we gladly issue you the right book.  This needs to be done during the first week of school.  Once the first week has passed if we have the correct book instock and it is cheaper you will not receive a refund.

Book drop is only to be used for after hours. It is closed during our business hours.  Please check with your location to see if this is an option.

Books are rented for one semester at a time and due back the last day of finals.

A simple email or phone call is needed if a student has a problem getting their books back in. On occasion we have been known to meet students to get our books back in. We try our best to work with each situation that is thrown our way.

Replacement cost is the list price of the book to replace it.  Your rental does NOT go toward this cost.

Yes we buyback. At this point and time we buy back the 3rd day into each semester and at the end of each semester.

We are headed your way. Look for us in your school newspaper.