Textbook Rentals is here first and foremost to save you money. We are a family owned business and we have been renting textbooks since our inception in 1987, branching out to various locations.

  • All of our textbooks are the property of Textbook Rentals and must be returned to Textbook Rentals at the end of each semester.
  • All books are rented for one semester at a time
  • The deadline for all books to be returned is the last day of finals of each semester.(see "DATES DUE BACK")
  • Students must pay replacement cost for all lost or stolen books.
  • Our aim is not to penalize any student but only to insure the return of our books in a timely manner.
  • Yes you can highlight and write in all of our books. We just ask that you keep in mind that these books will be used again by another student
Be assured that we guarantee to match any other physical locations rental prices forever!!!!

book rentals
Rent books for any class at anytime and pick them up quick!


Bring proof of prices from any physical location and TRI will match or beat competitor's prices. If you do not see your book, class, or section please inquire in store or through our email. If you can bring or give any information that might help us find the right book, we may be able to obtain the information quicker.


We realize that technology is changing so we must change with it. We are making many changes which include curbside pickup service at some locations. This will alleviate the time it takes a student to retrieve their textbooks. It's simple and quick with the same customer service that we have believed in and utilized in the past. Please be patient with our new process.